Welcome to Coláiste Iognáid

Situated in the heart of Galway city, Coláiste Iognáid is a co-educational secondary school under the patronage of the Society of Jesus. While there are records of Jesuits educating the youth of Galway going as far back as the 17th Century, Coláiste Iognáid has existed in its current location since 1862.

At present there are nearly six hundred and thirty students on the College rolls continuing in the same tradition that its founders envisaged. Our challenge today is to meet the needs of students in a secular world while keeping our core values to the fore.

At the end of 6 years in Coláiste Iognáid we aspire that graduates, having been provided with opportunities to develop their spiritual, emotional, social and academic abilities and the ability to work and flourish with others, will go on to competently live in the world and transform it.

Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam for the ‘Greater Glory of God’

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