School Musical

For 43 years the annual Jes musical has set the Coláiste Iognáid stage alight with song, dance, fun, friendship and laughter. Every year it offers our 5th year students an opportunity, like no other in their school experience, to showcase a whole new range of talents and abilities; An experience which is wholly underpinned by the school’s ethos and holistic approach to education.

We encourage every 5th year student to get involved as there are so many roles to fill both on stage and off. During the weeks of preparation, we are continually amazed as unknown and unexpected talents emerge – quiet students who can sing and dance, others who can build and paint sets and create costumes and props. The back-stage crew showcase managerial and organisational skills that surprise both themselves and their peers! There is nothing like the pride that we as a school community feel when we see those unexpected and marvellous talents emerging in our students.

But it is the new friendships that are forged in this journey, that are the most vital part of it all. The words ‘this is your show’ echo in the ears of the 5th years through the months of preparation and they rise to the challenge. They work together, before school, after school, over weekends and holiday in a universal quest to make theirs the best Jes show ever!

And every year they succeed. In a flash, the nerves and anticipation of early auditions become the nerves and anticipation of opening night. The whole school buzzes with the excitement and it is always with pride that we open the doors of the school to family, friends and the wider Galway community to share the fun, joy and excitement of the annual Jes Show!

The show is made possible by the dedication of those staff who work tirelessly with the students for two to three months every year to bring it all together – our musical director Rian Carney, Mary Scahill, Sinead Anthony and Claire Lohan. Working alongside them annually are the 5th year parents who volunteer to supervise rehearsal and show nights, sew, build and contribute their own expertise. In more recent years, the TY band has provided live music for our productions adding another layer of creativity to the whole experience, making this a remarkable and unique Jes community effort!.

We are looking forward to seeing you on show night!

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