his year’s mock trial competition was no doubt, a great success for the competing transition year students of the Jes and their co-ordinators. After several weeks of practice in the lead up to the competition itself there was no doubt an element of determination within those competing in this tournament. Such determination, evidently, paid off when, in the first round of this competition, the Jes were crowned the overall winners, topping them over all other competing schools in Ireland in terms of their ability to perform. There was no doubt an element of satisfaction within both the students and their co-ordinators at this success, having been surprised at their ability to secure three well-earned easy wins over the three other schools whom they were faced to compete against. This all took place in the on the 8th of April in the Central criminal courts in Dublin, however, this was only the first stage to the school’s journey of success.

Schools which had qualified into one of the top four places in Ireland in the first round were given the chance to compete, once again, against each other in the final round of the competition which was to be held on the 6th of May. Morale was high for the Jes mock trial team members as the weeks prior to the final round were spent, by all those involved, preparing in whatever way to increase their chances for yet another success. Hence, when the day of the finals arrived the Jes’s team travelled up to Dublin once again to compete in the Central criminal courts. The first school the transition year students of the Jes were faced against were Cardonagh Community School, from Co. Donegal, and it was clear that the Jes’s team had once again performed to a just extent of their preparations, as they secured yet another major win over the opposing team. However it was in the final that the Jes had finally met their match. After a shaky start to the cross examination of the judge to their second witness of prosecution, the shook, yet unbroken Jes were hoping for, at least a tie. However, it was finally to be decided that the Jes were to be crowned runners up to Holy Rosary College, from Mountbellew, Co. Galway, leaving the Jes proud at their overall success.

Jes mock trial team:

Tipstaff: Lauren Maidin

Jury: Meadhbh Parsons, Freya Sweeney, Dara Golden, Aoibhinn McPhilips, Sarah Quinn, Sean Thornton, Isabella Kaar

Barristers: Tim Keogh, Cian Gleeson.

Solicitors: Lauren Mcnight, Cillian Blacoe, Anna Young

Witnesses: Conor O’Sullivan, Yasmine O’Reilly, Rian Spillane, Cillian Blacoe, Owain Roe

Co-ordinators: Paul Kilraine, Stephen O’Reilly, Allan Devaney

Other Acknowledgements:

Alex Burke, and any other supporters

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