Senior and Junior rugby teams narrowly failing to qualify

The first half of the rugby season has been very active with both the Senior and Junior rugby teams narrowly failing to qualify for the final stages of their leagues. Since the group stages finished in early November each squad has played several friendlies to prepare for their cup campaign in January.

Notable fixtures during the term were the visit of the Junior squad to Presentation Bray during which they stayed overnight with their hosts. After playing a game the following morning they attended the Ireland vs Samoa international at the Aviva stadium. The Juniors also attended the Fr Peter Mc Verry Tournament for Jesuit schools in Belvedere College, for which the boys raised €440 for the homeless young people of Dublin.

The Senior Squad also enjoyed a similar exchange with Pres Bray with the addition of a stay at an adventure centre in Wicklow previous to their night in Bray. They were fortunate to attend the exciting Ireland vs New Zealand international.Both Senior and Junior squads look forward with confidence to the group stages of their cup competitions in January.
In addition the Junior squad look forward to a trip to The South of France in April prior to which they will be exchanging letters in French with their subsequent host. This is the fourth edition of the exchange with our friends from Narbonne and it has proven to be a fantastic experience from both a rugby and educational point of view. The students from Victor Hugo college have already enjoyed a visit to Colaiste Iognaid last February.
The u14 squad has been taking shape and have played six games, winning three. Particular thanks to Ms Sinead Armstrong -Anthony who has stepped in to ensure that there is an opportunity for our first years to be introduced to the game.
Without this work there would be no future for rugby in the school and the wonderful experiences and opportunities it provides would be lost to future Jes students.

Finally it is important to mention the contribution of many parents to the rugby club whether through coaching, supervision or as representatives of their clubs. This support will be increasingly important in all school activities in the future as it becomes more difficult to organise extra-curricular activities along traditional lines. This support is evidenced by the fact that there are at least six parents joining the Junior squad on the trip to France. The development of a school community of parents, teachers and students committed to rugby seems assured.



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