JES Students have a Close Look at the Art of Gerry Davis

5th and 6th year went to see an exhibition by Gerry Davis at Galway Art Centre. Procession a solo exhibition features highly detailed oil paintings of artist studio spaces exploring the realm of the artists’ world referencing the history of painting and where the artist finds himself within this canon. Davis ponders in vivid pictorial detail processions of people that gather around art today referencing the religious and the human need to commune. The paintings offer a type of magical realism filled with nods to the past, memory, the imagined and the autobiographical.

In 2016 Davis won the Hennessy portrait prize at the National Gallery of Ireland His prize commission a portrait of Kilkenny hurler Henry Shefflin now hangs as part of the portrait collection at the NGI.

It was a wonderful opportunity for our students to see and be inspired by such masterly painting not only for their practical work but also for the appreciation of art gallery question in the leaving cert.

Article written by Mr. Revilll

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